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Open mold - kiln & slug casting glass with Sallie Portnoy

posted: June 5, 2016

AUGUST 2 - 13, 2016
Session 3 (2 Week Intensive)

"Please join us at The Glass Furnace, Turkey’s first school dedicated only to glass.
The Glass Furnace is located 25 km. from Istanbul, in the countryside near the Black Sea. The
school features a large hot shop, flame working, fusing and cold glass studios. Students will enjoy
a nice dormitory, lounge area, cafeteria, river-side deck, and swimming pool (nice to have in
August)! Situated where Europe meets Asia, Istanbul is a friendly, modern city with a tremendous
amount of history! It will be my 2nd time teaching in this amazing place, one of the most
interesting in Europe! The 1st time being the very 1st year it opened - so I am very excited to see
how it has grown & developed!
The Workshop -Moldmaking Magic
This is a unique opportunity to study with the ubiquitous and independent Australian artist Sallie
Portnoy. Come on an intensive journey into the possibilities of kiln cast glass – taking home a
wealth of knowledge & inspiration. Harnessing our creativity by the immediacy of making bold
open molds from clay positives, Sallie will demystify the casting process, challenging students to
work around the limitations imposed by the practice. Students will also have the opportunity to
work in teams at the furnace to slug cast glass into molds off the punty. Options for both colour &
metal inclusions & distinctive surface finishes will also be offered. Technical projects will be
supplemented with discussions on basic sculptural design theory." 

For more information see the PDF file or check out Sallie's website

2016 Fusion Conference

posted: April 25, 2016

2016 Fusion Conference

Tickets are still available for this year's FUSION conference. Please join us for an inspirational weekend of hands-on workshops and presentations delivered by five Korean Master Potters from Icheon City, South Korea.

For more information about the presenters, workshops,conference schedule and to register, visit:

Dinner tickets for the first seating of the Saturday night Korean meal can still be purchased through the FUSION
office at (416) 438-8946.
Accommodations can be booked until May 3 through the Chestnut Centre Residence.
Call the Residence directly at 416-977-0707 Extension 0 or email