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March Member Interview - Michelle Lewin

posted: April 6, 2017

March Member Interview - Michelle Lewin

March Member Interview - Michelle Lewin  

Interview by Diana Fox 

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For more information on Michelle Lewin and her work, please visit her GAAC artist profile or her website.


GAAC: What was it that drew you to glass as your material of choice?

Michelle Lewin: I was originally all set to be a sculptor, until for better or worse I got derailed by glass. …I was finishing a BFA in sculpture at Concordia University and saw a poster on one of the bulletin boards at the school for glassblowing workshops at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine. I remember looking at it and thinking, I'm going to try that. So I did – and from the moment I first tried it the material clicked with me. And ironically people wanted to buy all the blobby vessels I was making while I was there, so I had the delusion that maybe I could make and sell glass things to finance the sculpture I wanted to make (haha!). Anyways, from there I went to study glass at the Appalachian Center for Crafts in Tennessee and on it went.