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GALERIE ELENA LEE - Tanya Lyons - New Growth - April 8 to 29

posted: March 27, 2014

GALERIE ELENA LEE - Tanya Lyons - New Growth - April 8 to 29

An accomplished artist in a variety of media, Tanya Lyons surprises us again by the scope and depth of her interpretation of the human experience. This exhibition puts the dichotomy Artist / Mother unto center stage. Mother and artist - competitors in the struggle for time and energy - transform the creative process. So much time is spent creating pieces in the head, craving physical studio time. Making becomes a scheduled sprint.
This exhibition brings together a number of different directions in Tanya’s work, transforming them in the process. She explores the possibilities of a variety of materials, their tactile and visual qualities. Her use and technique of glass too has undergone a transformation. Requiring more detail in her work, Tanya has refined her skill in lampworking. Joined to her mastery in glass blowing at the furnace, her judicious use of recycled materials and objects, her mandalas and kimonos become living breathing personifications of what it is to be artist and mother all at the same time. 
Recipient of the François Houdé award in 2005, Tanya Lyons has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. Her work is part of the Loto-Québec Collection, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, the Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung in Munich, Germany, and important private collections worldwide.

Opening April 8th - 5 to 7 pm


1460 Sherbrooke St West, Suite A
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H3G 1K4

tel 514.844.6009


Tuesday to Friday: 11 am to 6 pm
Saturday: 11 am to 5 pm

Closed Sunday and Monday

GAAC member - Tosca Teran part of OCCAM'S RAZOR: Art, Science and Aesthetics - April 2 - 20 and then At the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre - May 3 to June 1

posted: March 25, 2014

GAAC member - Tosca Teran part of   OCCAM'S RAZOR: Art, Science and Aesthetics - April 2 - 20 and then At the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre - May 3 to June 1

OCCAM'S RAZOR: Art, Science and Aesthetics

At Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts
984 Queen st. West. Toronto ON M6J 1H1
April 2 - 20, 2014

At the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre
770 Don Mills Road, Toronto
May 3 to June 1, 2014

Opening Reception: Thursday April 3, 7-10pm
Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts

"Art is the elimination of the unnecessary." - Pablo Picasso

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."   - Albert Einstein
These entwined ideas – which underlie Occam’s Razor – form a thread that links the realms of science and art. Scientists rely on Occam’s Razor, which holds that simpler explanations, all things being equal, are better than more complex ones, to refine their theories and experiments. With reference to Occam’s Razor, the interdisciplinary discourse presented in this exhibition by Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts and the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre, seeks to narrow the cultural divide between Art and Science.

Participating artists:
Sylvia Adamcik, Rahni Allan, Cecilia Basic, Kelly Bell, Karina Bergmans, Penny Leong Browne, Julia Buntaine, Linda Chen, Morgan Chivers, Nicole Clouston, Stephen Crosby, Kevin Dejewski, Andrew Drown, Gina Duque, Jayanne English and Willy LeMaitre , Andrew Godsalve, David Griffin, Leeann Janiessen, Gillian King, Julia Krolik, Ania Machudera, Harry Mackay, Jason McKay, Zsuzsa Monostory, Laurel Rath, Amy Rea and Chelsea Greenwell, Paul Roorda, Perin Rutonsha, Vjosana Shkurti, Morgan Skinner, Tosca Teran, Diane Tucker, Elaine Whittaker, Ron Wild, Ross Winter

Additional Programming: 
Ontario Science Centre’s Café Scientifique presents: Art & Science: Same process, different products?
Wednesday April 9, 6- 8:30pm
Gladstone Hotel  1214 Queen St W, Toronto, ON
Join us at Propeller after the discussion until 9:30pm 
For more information on Cafe Scientifique visit:

Lecture at Propeller: Sunday April 13, 2:00pm (time TBC)
Title:  Cosmos vs Canvas: Using Art to Reveal Science in Astronomy Public Outreach Images 
Speaker: Dr. Jayanne English (Associate Professor, University of Manitoba, Dept of Physics and Astronomy)

CREO Sheridan Craft & Design Graduate Exhibition May 1 - May 12

posted: March 25, 2014

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 1, 7:00 - 10:00pm
MakeWorks, 1139 College St., Toronto, ON

Sheridan’s Craft and Design program is at the forefront of Canadian craft instruction. During three years of intensive studies, the ceramics, glass, furniture, and textiles students study in world-class studios from faculty that are critically acclaimed in Canada and internationally. The emphasis of the program is not only on developing superb design and technical skills, but also on learning to reflect on the role of makers in a contemporary context.

The graduating exhibition Creo is the culmination of three years of exploration of concepts and techniques leading to the production of objects that can both challenge and inspire. The inquisitive and imaginative minds of the students created functional, decorative, sculptural and conceptual pieces that attest to their thorough understanding of materials and showcase their abilities as innovators highlighting their potential as future leaders in the craft field.
Creo means “to create” or “make grow”. Mentorship, peer support and shared studio practice have provided an unparalleled opportunity for growth and creativity. These emerging craftspeople and designers have learned that an artist's journey is never predictable, that surprises can inspire, collaboration can exhilarate.

Sheridan graduates in ceramics, glass, furniture and textiles would like to take this opportunity to share their best with you.

Susan Rankin - Duality in a Diaphanous Landscape - March 14 - 27

posted: March 11, 2014

Susan Rankin - Duality in a Diaphanous Landscape - March 14 - 27


501 Festival Ave Sherwood Park

Opening Reception March 14 @ 7pm  Local glass artist Manola Borrajo will be partnered with Ontario glass artist, Susan Rankin. Manola’s kiln formed pieces offer a contrast in form to Rankin’s blown glass pieces. Both glass artists work’s have an edge of landscape/living space that is intriguing and from a different perspective.

MARK RAYNES ROBERTS - Raynes Crystal Designs Illuminate Soho, New York - May 26 - June 28

posted: March 11, 2014

MARK RAYNES ROBERTS - Raynes Crystal Designs Illuminate Soho, New York - May 26 - June 28

Raynes Crystal Designs Illuminate Soho, New York.

Located in a beautifully restored warehouse building in the heart of Soho, New York, Studio Anise provides the perfect venue for crystal artist, Mark Raynes Roberts, to showcase the LUMINOSITY exhibition. 
The new collection of sculptures and installations are inspired by the beauty of nature and the scientific world in which we live, and are part of an ongoing investigation by the artist into our human connection with
the planet.

These new works he describes as "Dreamscapes of our Collective Conscience."


Exhibition: May 26 - June 28, 2014
Studio Anise, 21 Greene Street, New York, NY 10013 U.S.A.                                              
Tel: 212 933 1406
Gallery Hours: Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm Sun - by app

JEAN-MARIE GIGUÈRE - WORLD MUSIC -Gallery Espace VERRE - 13 February to 16 May 2014

posted: February 4, 2014

JEAN-MARIE GIGUÈRE - WORLD MUSIC -Gallery Espace VERRE  - 13 February to 16 May 2014

THE OPENING February 13, 2014 At 18: 30

Montreal, January 28, 2014 - From 13 February to 16 May 2014, GLASS Space Gallery presents the new series of glass artist Jean-Marie Giguère in World Music exposure. This series, which lends its name to the exhibition, brand Giguère twenty years of practice of the art of the Grail, which combines glassblowing etch to a smooth setting, integrated with the mass of the glass. The opening will take place in the presence of the artist Thursday, February 13 from 18 h 30.

With World Music, Jean-Marie Giguère proposes a meeting between anachronistic motifs in human events as well as natural phenomena. The artist site visit, styles, monuments small and large, art and crafts, naive and design. It builds everything by appropriating each item. "I looked for common denominators in all human beings," said Giguere, "for use as subjects in my compositions: the body, the land, family, home, ancestors, religion, temples, God, nature, eat, kiss, identity signs. "

As a music composer in the world, draws Giguère, according to an aesthetic of its own, including old and folk motifs to transform and camping in a very contemporary context. Rhythms and refrains are thus translated into strips and drawings, become leitmotifs pictorial time a creative impulse.

Afghan embroidery Tibetan prayers, through the striking tattoos Maori fields Inspiration World Music are large and cosmopolitan. They affect not only dances, body paintings and ceremonial objects of the Maasai in Africa, but also the beauty of tree bark, or that stones that crack under the influence of cold. In Giguère, religious and erotic art Hindus alongside modern art and abstraction Automatistes, while Nazca along the footprints left by the tread of winter tires.

Giguère is part of this generation of artists that gives the glass Quebec its new brands in the future.

- Ronald Labelle, glass artist and
co-founder of Space GLASS

Jean-Marie Giguère is a native of the Island of Orleans and descendant of one of the largest families of New France. It comes to art glass through the window. After studying visual arts at Laval University, he attended specialized training GLASS Area in 1989. Thereafter, Giguère perfected his techniques work of glass with several renowned glass. Since its inception, it has won seven scholarships, served on numerous boards and participated in 45 group exhibitions in Quebec and abroad. World Music is his fifth solo exhibition.

GLASS space is a center for the creation and dissemination of glass arts located at 1200 Mill Street in Montreal. The gallery is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 17 pm and the last Sunday of each month from 12 am to 17 pm. Admission is free.

Image: World music, blown glass, technical Grail | Photo: Michel Dubreuil

Kaléidoscope on the road! - The exhibition will make its way around the province of Quebec until 2014

posted: February 8, 2012

Kaléidoscope on the road! - The exhibition will make its way around the province of Quebec until 2014

Until April 15, 2012, the Centre national d’exposition in Jonquière presents Kaléidoscope : variations sur le verre, the notorious glass exhibition organized and circulated by the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec. Over thirty pieces are presented to demonstrate the multitude of avenues explored by contemporary Quebec glass artists.

The exhibition will make its way around the province of Quebec until 2014.
Next stop: Musée régional de la Côte-Nord, from June 16 through September 2, 2012

Centre national d’exposition
4160 du Vieux-Pont, mont Jacob, Jonquière
Free admission

Image: © Caroline Ouellette, Vénus II, 2006, Blown, kiln cast and flameworked glass, 42 x 34,5 x 20 cm, purchase, 2010.216